After this point was music. That ends the 08 posts. Thanks for reading!

New Name of the pivot series! is not the pivot series anymore. It’s the same website, but it’s now: The Prophecy…

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And Though…


It’s almost the new year, and christmas and the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!! Exciting?

Not really.

30 second news flash!!! (try and read this in thirty seconds.)

Did you know that if santa was real he would probably be arrested?
He goes into your house through the chimney. Thats tresspassing. He
also watches you. You know the song “santa clause is coming to town”???
I decided not to put it on my blog because it’s creepy. Santa is
watching you, so he’s a stalker… Any who, so he would be convicted of
stalking AND trespassing, and how the heck does he live in the north
pole or get around the world in one night?

He’d have to move so fast! Faster than any machine could. No
reindeer could do that. Plus if they COULD Then he would have to
deliver the present in like… 0.9 seconds.

That was todays (almost) thirty second news flash. I hope you’re all
happy with the song thing. It’s been fun to find, and I am happy with

So, the real point of this (now that you’re hooked after reading the
thirty second news flash) is to say that… In January, we’ll be starting
“Anew!” I hope. You’ll see what I mean. the same website and old posts
will be here, but you’ll see.


New look (#whogivesacrap)

Well, the blog has gone seasonal! Hope you like it! (and I quote from the bible of Isaac.)

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The Pivot Series!

This is the announcement, about the
halfway mark of the pivot series!! This episode will actually have
words. It might have music, and it will be long.  It’s episode 4+1 if
you include the bonus. There might be another bonus one, we’ll see.
Hope you’ll go check it out. Thanks.


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The coming website in January.

In January, As I  promised, there will be
a new website. It’ s well on it’s way, but I’m wondering. Should I
draw, or should I write? I’m not sure. help me choose!

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Right and wrong, good and evil, Dance monkey dance.

The dance monkey dance comment in the
title is actually just randomness, and it’s also from freaking corner
gas. Je t’aime corner gas. Anyways, the point of the title is actually
about the Scoop On abortion part two!, because I said that the good and
evil of abortion was a matter of opinion. That’s actually a Truth for
whatever the subject.

History lesson Time!!! There was  once a guy named Hitler. Hitler
was a b*s*a*d. Hitler  decided to kill about a million jews. Hitler was
hated by jews and about a million other billion people. We kicked his
backside from here taiwan. He killed millions of jews before we won the
baattle. Isn’t that too bad.

But that’s our opinion. We say “oh hitler is a terrible terrible
man!!!!” And then there are the people who say “Hitler was a great
leader.” Then there are those who are in between. When Hitler was
alive, what was he thinking? It’ time to think like a madman…

Let’s go into hitlers mind like we did for stephane dion. Hitler=He.

He walks into his house after a long day of work. He kisses his
wife, and is pleased. He then walks into his living room and sees… His
Idiotic jewish Mother in law. She lectures him on everything, and he
hates her. “curse that woman” he says under his breath. He goes
upstairs, and Watches the news. He sees a little repore on a couple
jews who helped build a church. That drives him uncontrollably mad. His
mother in law walks in. She’s wearing that star… That star necklace…
Necklace. Jew. Mother in law who won’t get off his back about anything.
He Decides that all people who relate to his B***H of a mother in law
are evil.

Bout a month later,his wife and he break up. Turns out his mmother
in law said that he’s evil… Mother in law… Jew…. He goes insane, starts
a revoluti/on against the jews.

He was evil. We all know it. But if you think about the way he saw
it in that scenario, he was the good guy. He thought “I’m the right
one. these jews messed up my life.”

You see? From where you stand, you’re always the right one. You’re
always the one who is smarter. You’re always the good guy. Here’s
another example.

I’m elizbeth may. Leader of the crack addicts party. marijuana is good, even though it leads to other drugs.

I hate the green party. Anyways, she thinks she’s right about
legalizing marijuana. From my point of view, She’s an Imbecilick Idiot
who should rot in hell, from her opinion she’s a genius.

Anywho. THa’ts all. (Curse you all in the green party.)

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The scoop on abortion part two! And a little about my life.

I’m in peterborough at my brothers house.
It’saninteresting new house he has.. He recently moved from a little
place he had in a basement, to a townhouse a bit norhtof downtown or
something. I’m doing this little talk on his eeepc. It”’s a tiny
computer that’s about the same size as your palms times two. it’s a
terrible little thing. I hate it more than I hate… Sarah pailen. (is
that how you spell it?) But probably not as much as i hate those stupid
drug addicts in the canadian
goverment.(KOFFKOFF*Thegreenparty*KOFFKOFF) But no worries. I will
attempt to persist on writing this repore, just to bring you your
crappy hummour that you love. I’ve been getting slot of comments on
howhumorous my Stephane Dion Repore was. If you read it, I hope you
enjoyed it. My bro has a couple friends in his new house. There are
four guys living here at the moment, other than my bro. I think i’m
going to do a couple little rants, okay?

I have a minor problem with certain electronics right now. My stupid
PSP (which i do love) Isn’t able to go on to this blog and sign on!!!
I’ve finnaly gotten it to do as I want and go on to my e-mail, But I
want to blog! It’s gotten very easy for me to write on my PSP now. It’s
humorous, but I can write at the same speed on my Psp as I can on my
computer. I can write a full e-mail there at the same speed as on my
real computer. It’s also helpful that I can take it to a place with a
wireless hotspot, and go onto my e-mail! It’s as usefull as a laptop,
other than the fact I can’t write an essay on it. I do think I
couldprobably juste-mail myself the essay, So I guess I can Do an essay!

Me and my dad were talking about the abortion write today. He made a
good point about everything. I forget most of the conversation, but the
best part that he talked about was when he talked bout the fact that He
too thinks abortion is wrong, but that so many people do it because
they can’t support the kid. It’s true, so he was saying that the
government should totally put in a system that supports the mother of
the child  so that they can keep that baby instead of not being able to
keep it alive, and putting it through hell  on earth. If the government
was to do that, then there would be miillions of less abortions in all
countrys. I’m guessing that there would still be some though.

We were also talking about the fact that Abortion is an impossible
subject to be dealing with. Theres so much controversy to it all, and
it is a touchy subject. It’s a touchy subject for me too, even at my
age. It’s something me and some people have had alot of battles about,
and It’s been really impossible to deem right or wrong.

Know why? I do. It’s cause when it comes to a subject that’s as
impossible as abortion, there isn’t really a way to decide. It’s all
about your morals, and religion, and the way you were raised. In the
end, the reason I’m saying this, is because there is no right answer.

Don’t get me wrong. I still stand by the fact that abortion is wrong
in any case except the case that a human life is being threatened, like
mybrother said in the last repore. It’s  just that people have a right
to their own opinions and rights. Rachel made a couple good reasons
yesterday (though I don’t agree with the woman, especially not with the
being sexually molested thing. If you have a child, because of a rape,
you’ll still love him/her, even if it wasn’t the one you love. Being
raped doesn’t mean you have the right to kill a child) She had those
reasons because of the way she was raised. She was raised to believe
that abortion is in fact okay. I believe what I do because of the way I
was raised. I’m not right, she’s not right.

Actually, this whole post was just to say that I’m sorry if I in
fact insulted you from the other day’s repore, and that I still would
not judge you on the fact that you get an abortion.

But I don’t know if I specified this, Abortions hurt.

If you abort a baby even after being molested, you’ll hurt.
Ipersonally don’t think it’s guilt that hurts. Most people say that
it’s guilt that you have that happens when you abort a fetis.

It’s not guilt. It’s a different feeling altogether. It’s…

Idon’t know. I personally think it’s taking a pieceout of you.
literally. It probably triggers an emotion in your cerebral core, that
is stronger than fear, stronger than guilt, stronger than anything.

Perhaps it’s like the feeling youget when you lose love.

That’s all.

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The Scoop On Abortion

Isaac, reporting live from his otawanian
peeps. Today we have a report on abortion. We may have a couple quotes
from another placce, and I may send a link to that place, but read on
to find more.

Take heed that I know that I’m barely old enough to understand what
I’m talking about. But I do. And I know that it’s kinda an adult
subject, but So was the gun thing. So please, don’t think I have no
idea what I’m talking about, because I do.

So, I personally do not believe abortion is the right thing to do in
a scenario like when you get pregnant on accident. I’m actually very
very against it, not just because of my religion, but also the truth
about it.

Most people think that aborting a baby isn’t anything wrong. It’s
just a way of preventing a potential crisis. I wondered about that. I
didn’t think aborting a baby was wrong. I was like “Oh, theres nothing
to worry about. It’s just taking out a baby!” I also thought that they
re-implanted it in another womans body, or grew it somehow themselves.
I was a bit off course.

When someone aborts a baby, it’s straight up ending a life. You
watch house and stuff, and house is like “It’s just a fetis, noone will
miss it. It’s not even alive yet.” That’s not true. That Fetis has
already felt life. It’s alive in the mothers womb. It’s eaten, it may
have slept, (I wouldn’t know) and it has breathed.

It’s so wrong to abort a baby, and I, Isaac, Am going to prove to
you why I think that. Anyone who thinks it’s okay, please, think about
what I say. Please.

First things first. When someone decides to abort a fetis, It’s
killing someone. You may as well just shoot someone, because those
people have a better chance, (quite a better chance) at surviving. Like
I said before, this baby has very much experienced life. By a few
months (I learned this from Juno!) it has nails. I think it’s 4 months?
Maybe four weeks..? Anyways, if you think no human should die, and that
war and violence are terrible, but you approve of abortion, You’re an
idiot! (please keep coming back to my website… Please..?) If it
deserves to die… think. I want you to tihnk for a moment. I want you to
think about the fact that if you abort it, it’s never going to get a
real experience. If you’ve had one, think back to your first real kiss.
This baby aint going to ever get one. Think (if you’ve had one) to your
wedding. This kid, who’s lived, won’t get one. Your first crush. Your
first day at school. Your first novel. Your first job. This baby isn’t
ever going to get it. I’m all about fair, okay? If I insult one friend,
I insult them all. If I’m giving food to one friend, I do my best to
give it to as many friends as possible. Is it fair that you get to do
all those things, and your baby doesn’t?

Next, what if you were aborted as a child? You wouldn’t have met
your first boyfriend. Maybe someone in your class would have commited
suicide if you hadn’t been there to stop him. But noone would have
known you could have existed. Noone would care. Noone would know.

You’d be Dead.

I know everyone isn’t religious like me, so say you don’t believe in
anything after life. This is it. Guess what? The baby had nothing. At
all. You just stopped it from a life at all. you just sent it
spiralling into nothingness.

Your best friend. Guess what? I’ll bet they changed your life
somewhat. A companion you can talk to. What if they were aborted? Who
would your best friend be? Maybe it would have turned out to be a drug
addict who veered your life towards failiure and to the streets.
Imagine yourself like that. Begging on the streets for your next meal,
and though you didn’t know it, because someone got an abortion.

You know dominoes right? Well let’s play a game of it. Baby. You
don’t abort that baby. That baby, if you didn’t abort it would have
become the president. But maybe he wouldn’t have done well as a
politician. So let’s put the rows back up. Baby. You don’t abort that
baby. That baby, if you didn’t abort it would have made a few close
friends, and then effected them. Let’s say three friends were there.
One becomes a doctor, another a musician, another a sports star in the
NHL. The kid himself gets to become a psychologist. Your kid marries a
Beautiful woman, and then has three kids. These kids go on to do the
same thing. One of those kids dies because of lung cancer, one becomes
a proffesional seminar person, one becomes an at home dad. The two who
are still alive each have three kids. One of the seminar persons
daughter becomes the first female president, and then solves hunger in
the U.S. It continues on like this, like dominoes. But when you abort
that baby, You aren’t even starting the dominoes. You put your dominoe
too far apart from the next one, and nothing happens to the rest. You
wasted all that time setting them up, just to fail?

But there are some situations that I’m okay with abortion. It’ll
still make you want to rip your insides out because of the pain it’ll
give you, but it’s fine if you’re dying or in critical condition. You
should still try and save the baby. Try a cesexion, but if it’s to save
a person, it’s fine. But it’s not supposed to be aborted otherwise.

If you’re molested, that’s no reason to abort. That baby was created
of an evil deed. That baby isn’t evil though. If abortion is wrong, The
you’re trying to correct a wrong with a wrong. Like I said in the lower
report, two wrongs don’t make a right.

In the end it’s a personal choice, and I wouldn’t judge you if you did it. But still. Think about it.

Now, I have a couple quotes from my bro’s blog.

If a fetus is genuinely a child from the
instant of conception, then the law can’t permit killing it for any
reason except the extraordinary circumstance of an emergency to save a
woman’s life (and in some right-to-life circles there’s argument about
that, too, or whether equal measures should be taken to save woman and
unborn alike).

However, the debate is clearly not quite as
black and white as this. There are many factors which contribute to
one’s thoughts on abortion. And I’d like to consider these, and through
this dialogue justify what I think to be the right position on
abortion. Consider it a response to my father’s post a couple days ago if you like, or a response to some of the comments on my own post slightly earlier.
It’s an ongoing discussion, and I don’t hope to sway many people, but
what I really aim for is to justify the theo conservative position on
abortion, and hopefully show that we “fundamentalists” can think, too.
1. The Motivation:

I think the first and foremost distinction
between hard-line Christians and other groups rests in the motivation
for even considering the abortion debate. From a secular perspective,
the goal of any discussion is generally either to enhance an
individual’s life (often your own), or to achieve social justice. And
these motives make sense, if the physical world is primary and the
spiritual world is either nonexistent or secondary. It is this first
strain of motivation which leads to arguments like the “safe, legal,
and rare” one which is often put forth by pragmatists such as Clinton,
Sullivan, Obama, and my father. The argument that follows is that if
one is aiming to attain some sort of ideal society, or allow
individuals the proper capacity for self-governance, then abortion is
necessary, but not always ideal. By making abortion accessible and
secure, but reducing social causes, one can hope to eliminate that
outlying demand for abortion and allow only those who really need it to
access it.

When it boils down to this, it is reasonable to get away
from the pro-life/pro-choice dichotomy. Clearly taking extremes is
generally a social bane, rather than a social boon. Taking a purely
pro-life stance leads to women and children starving or imprisoned,
while taking a purely pro-choice stance leads to rampant carelessness
and a sense that children are a burden rather than a blessing, as well
as potentially leading to infanticide and other undesirables. This is
where Chris Selley misses out. He assumes that Bush and his ilk are
genuinely basing their arguments on a religious conviction, or that
restricted-choice defenders are basing their arguments entirely on free
will. Rather, the motivation from these middle-ground perspectives is
generally some equilibrium between social values and individual choice,
which would hopefully lead to an ideal society.

A religious perspective, though, fits into Selley’s argument perfectly. From a right-wing Christian stance, the goal of everything
is to glorify God. Whether this is reasonable or not is another debate,
and though I defend it, I’m not going to get into it here. The point
is, if one seeks to glorify God in every choice, whether individual,
societal, or global, then suddenly the issue of defining humanity
becomes huge. The concept of the Sanctity of Human Life
is pivotal to fundamentalist doctrine, an rightfully so, since human
beings are the clearest and most powerful focus through which others
understand God. If a fetus is, indeed, human, then killing it is a
violation of God’s image, and one of the most destructive acts
imaginable. Because the motivation is completely different, the root
question changes from “what benefits society?” to “what demonstrates
God’s glory?”, and inevitably you end up with a black and white

2. The Implications:

Since the answer is black and white when motivated by
the spiritual, rather than the physical, the answer is going to result
in a black and white conclusion. If the question that is necessary to
understand the debate is whether a fetus is human or not, the answer
automatically determines the required action. If a fetus is not human,
then Selley is right: Canada’s position is the most logical. Since a
human becomes human upon birth, then any moment prior to that
birth becomes a reasonable time to end the fetus’ existence. On the
other hand, if a fetus really is human, then it is never
logical to terminate it by our own will. Does a rape change the fetus’
status as human or inhuman? Does the ability to support the child in
the future change whether that life is genuine or not? Of course not!
If one is motivated by social good, then it makes sense to leave room
for individual discretion. But in the case that the determining factor
is whether the fetus is human or not, there can be no middle ground.
Society should either embrace abortion in any form, or reject it
outright. It is not something to be left up to individual choice,
because murder is murder, and not defensible regardless of whether you
feel murder is right or wrong.

3. The Actions:

Assuming the pro-life position that fetuses are human,
there is only one logical course of action: Eliminate abortion, above
all else. Yes, reducing abortion would save lives. But if human life is
to be protected, it is unreasonable to accept any level of defilement.

There’s not much more to say. If you have any questions, comment, or e-mail me at:

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4 year old boy shoots his dad..? NeWs FlAsH

A man who was in america, decided he was
having a nap. He shoved his revolver under his pillow. His four year
old son Had a strange obsession with toy guns. He took it and
accidentally fired it. The man’s daughter heard a huge explosion and
ran inside the room. Her father was bleeding, and she called her
mother. Her mother rushed home, and was scared like heck. This man was
immediatley taken by the ambulances, and is in major condition right
now. The police are wondering whether or not to charge him with neglect
because of where he placed this gun. Remember this was an accident.

This is just in, it was in western detroit.

Okay, and now it’s time for the NeWs FlAsH opinion, Which is now: My
Credit card. (you know? my two cents? well I put a bit more of an
opinion in.)

Okay. My teacher occasionally goes off the subject, and we start
talking about a whole bunch of crap. Well today we were talking about
the fact that it’s really easy to get guns in the U.S.. I was thinking
about that. I dunno if I agree with that right or not. Let me state why.

Bad part: It’s a dangerous weapon that could hurt someone when you aren’t defending yourself.

Good part: you are well defended if you have the gun in a time when you’re in trouble.

Now, I don’t agree with shooting someone when you’re in trouble. Is
it a way to resolve a fight by fighting? If you’re about to be killed,
should you do exactly what the other person is about to do? No. It
isn’t. It’s like abortion. It’s wrong no matter what. I’m not going to
go into detail about that. There’ll be a later report on that. It’s an
impossible discussion. Anyways, so theres a saying. Two wrongs don’t
make a right. It never does. Ever. If you can e-mail me one thing where
two wrongs made a right, then e-mail it to me. (listed at the bottom of
the page) I beg of you.

But I Do agree with self defense. The gun is really the best way to
have that. It’s strange that such a dangerous weapon can help. I think
it’s the best self defense not because of the harm it causes, but the
fear you get from having something like that pointed at you. The fear
is indescribable. If I was to have a gun, then I would not be putting
ammo in it. I would use it without ammo, so I’d still have safety, but
it wouldn’t be a threat to a life.

Okay, so this is a moral dilemma. It’s an impossible answer. It all
matters on what you think about life. But I ask you, If shooting
someone makes the robber or whoever has the gun a bad man/woman, If you
shot him/her, what would that make you?

And don’t say “but it’s in self defense!” So what difference does that make? You still shot a guy! Think about that.

Do you have an answer to that? Contact me at

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Judge Judy…

There’s certain TV shows that just capture
you. You obviously know which one I’m about to talk about. Judge Judy
is the greatest judge ever. I know that judges are really smart, but
noone in the world can outsmart judge judy. SHe has this sttrange
incredible way of taking what someone said, changing the meaning, and
then getting the real truth out of the little people who she’s in court
with. She’s on Fox 2 Btw. That’s it. Coming up next: A Report on a boy
who accidentally shot his father. How old is he? 4.

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The meteor Strike, A NeWs FlAsH rEpOrT

Well well, another NeWs FlAsH within a
short time. this news flash is about the huge meteor that hit
Saskatoon. There are scientists that are saying that they’re searching
for remainders of a meteor that broke into peices. These peices may
have fallen to earth in western Canada.

There’s this scientist in calgary who deciphered that it’s one of
the biggest Meteors that has hit canada, that’s visible, in almost ten
years! I saw this news report the other day (actually it was a thirty
second advertisement that showed a picture of this meteor) and I was
quite suprised to see what was happening. Meteors seldom hit earth,
even though there are so many out there. It’s just a large rock
shooting through space, and it misses us. Thats how small earth
actually is.

There were hundreds of reports that were saying that it was like a
massive light bulb, shooting through the sky at them. How exciting!

I wonder if they’ll find all hose peices that it split into. More reports later? We’ll see…

Contact me at:

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Stéphane Dion: good, or bad leader???

NeWs FlAsH rEpOrT

This is Isaac reporting here. I was reading an article about the
canadian re-election. It was very interesting to see by how close alot
of the polls were. I hoped the green party would choke though, they’re
just a whole bunch of drug addicts who wish they had thier freaking
Crackhead marijuana legalized!!! Anyways, I was reading this report on
the globe and mail, which is where I got those real reports on brandon
crisp, and it actually made a very good comment on Stéphane Dion. (Have
you ever heard his name, and been like, Oh! is that celine dions
husband? I have…) Stephane Dion did way better than we all thought
about this election. I’m not sure if you thought this, but I thought
that he was a horrible leader who deserved to have a big wedgie, and
maybe learn some extra english, and make up his freaking mind about
something! (should he eat balogna, or salami on his sandwhich??? Wait…
maybe he should cook up a hamburger or a hot dog, or maybe a sausage.
Of course he might not want to eat meat anymore, so maybe, MAYBE, he
should be a vegetarian!!!  But then again, he would be eating eggs and
milk. I bet he might want to be a vegan! He wonders if Vegan came
first, or vegetarian… He thinks it’s probably Vegetarian. no. Vegan.
Vegetarian. Vegan. The chicken came before the Gosh darn egg, because
it had to lay the egg. No wait, He can’t make up his mind about that,
he’s Stephane Dion!!!) But so many people actually went along with him.
He was a decent leader in the fact that he got so many people to vote
for him. He beat out three other huge parties. I repect that, and think
that he should actually be thought of as an honorable man, though I
think ignatief could have done better, he did pretty good. Thats all
for NeWs FlAsH today. Got an opinion?

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Newly sited

Well well, I’m finnaly shifting the new
look on to be more like a news reporting theme. It’ll be more
concentrated on the news, but there’ll be other things. Like for
instance, I’m about to tell you every single youtube thing that I like.
I mean, There has to be some randomness in a blog like this.

Alrighty, my top favorite Music video on youtube right now is
something that’s a the nominee for An All time (whether for sexiness or
good lyrics or just emotional triggerness) Isaac And public AmaZingNess
award. It’s So Hot! By the wondergirls.
( check it out! They’re my

Next we have another korean song. It’s Haru Haru (day by day) By Big
Bang. It’s a nominee as well.
( Go watch it.

Then we have the biggest thing ever, which is a nominee for the
award. If you have an hour and two minutes and twenty five seconds, Go
watch it! If not, Whatever. You have a life. -P (

Not that you DON’T have a life if you watch it. You might just have
spare time. (I make myself laugh) No. Seriously. You have  life.

Next up there is A good song, but the music video, not so much. Mr.
Bellamy, By Paul Mcartney. (

And then theres my old favorite. Typical, by mute math. ( It’s backwards!!!

That’s all the songs. enjoy them, and vote. E-mail me your vote, at:

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Pivot Update

I’m not sure what happened, but there was a glitch in the file of episode two

Everything is slowed down so you can see it now. hope you see it!

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The boy who ran away out of obsession the final piece.

The boy that Ran away out of obsession. He
lived competitive, he died climbing a tree. This is the end of brandon,
And the last Time I will be talking about him, unless they find a way
to revive him.

Autopsy shows Brandon Crisp died from fall

The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Investigators say the
Ontario teenager who ran away from home after being banned from playing
a video game his parents said he was addicted to likely died after
falling from a tree in the woods.

But it’s still unclear how long 15-year-old Brandon Crisp survived
outdoors in fall conditions wearing just a T-shirt before he perished.

Autopsy results on the body of the diminutive high school student,
found more than three weeks after he went missing following a fight
with his parents over what they called his obsession with the Xbox
video game, show he died of injuries to the chest.

“(Provincial police are) still at the scene trying to piece together
the hours leading up to his death,” Barrie police Sergeant Dave
Goodbrand said Saturday after autopsy results were released by the
chief coroner’s office in Toronto.

“We’re assisting them in trying to build a timeline and determine exactly why he was where he was and what led to his death.”

Using dental records, the coroner confirmed the body found beside a tree Wednesday by hunters was indeed Brandon’s.

The boy’s parents, who at one point feared their son might have been
lured by other online gamers, were told of the findings Friday night.

They had spoken out about the grip video games had on their son
during the search for him, and at one point acknowledged even they
didn’t realize just how much gaming meant to Brandon.

But they remained in seclusion over the weekend, asking for privacy
as they dealt with the news that foul play had been ruled out in their
son’s death.

“It’s a very difficult time for them, they’re taking it very hard,”
Sgt. Goodbrand said. “This is tragic news for everybody involved.”

Police and civilians conducted several ground searches during the
weeks that the boy was missing. But they failed to turn up meaningful

Microsoft, maker of the Xbox game console, also provided assistance
in a cyber search, based on the possibility the teen had met up with a
friend made while playing the Internet-linked game, or even that he had
been abducted.

“Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the family, because this is
one of the ultimate, devastating consequences of these kinds of
addictions,” said Emily Noble, president of the Canadian Teachers’

The union will be lobbying politicians at all levels to fund more
education about the safe use of technology, she said, which was already
a priority but has taken on a new meaning following Brandon’s death.

“This shines a light that these things are happening,” she said. “We as adults tended to dismiss it before.”

Stephen Kline, a researcher with Simon Fraser University who has
studied youth and compulsive gaming, said the sad ending to Brandon’s
life will make it difficult for parents to act if they see their
children growing increasingly preoccupied with gaming.

“Coming out of this, I think a lot of parents will say, ‘Well, what
can I do? I can’t take the game away. I think my kid will do a bump,”
he said. “There’s a deep lack of information about what to do.”

The 10 days police spent scouring the area near Barrie, Ont., where
Brandon was last sighted did not cover the exact spot where he was
found, police said.

“We had not searched that area and that really wasn’t the area we were focused on,” Sgt. Goodbrand said.

“We based our search on the area where he was last seen.”

Brandon’s parents were expected to make a statement next week.

His funeral was planned for 10 a.m. on Friday at St. Mary’s Church in Barrie.

That’s it. More reports will be held. For the next little while,
this blog will be going into a new stage. It will no longer be Isaac
the ramble master’s blog. It will be: Isaac, A news reporter, on site.
Hope you come to see it. Signing off.

-Isaac The ramble master.

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Okay, so Pivot part two is now up on the website! Hope you watch it…

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The kid who left out of obsession part 2

Alright, my dad
e-mailed me on a report on that kid who left. he’s fifteen, and his
name is Brandon Crisp. Here’s the report on him.

From Monday’s Globe and Mail

ORO MEDONTE, ONT. — As police and
volunteer searches came to a hollow end yesterday, offering no sign of
15-year-old Brandon Crisp, his father vowed to keep up the fight to
find his boy, whom he believes is alive and being held captive.

It was after Steve Crisp revoked Brandon’s Xbox gaming system that
the boy first ran away on Thanksgiving Monday. Yesterday, his lip
quivering and his gaze determined, Mr. Crisp said he didn’t realize how
important the gaming system was to his son – and what taking it away
would mean.

“This has become his identity, and I didn’t realize how in-depth
this was until I took his Xbox away…. That’s like cutting his legs
off,” said Mr. Crisp, 45, in an interview with The Globe and Mail.
“This is such an issue that hits every parent out there, with video
games that are starting to control our kids’ lives.

“Nothing means anything more to me now than getting my son home … my
message to Brandon is: if you’re being held, stay strong, we’re going
to come and get you.”

Massive searches haven’t turned up a single clue beyond Brandon’s bike, found a week ago.

Yesterday was the last day for volunteer searchers, as hundreds of
supplies and reflective vests were packed away under the grey skies.
The three-day police air and water searches have long since ended,

Volunteers searched east of the police area. Terry Grant, the star of the TV series Mantracker,
flew out from Alberta to help train the volunteer searchers on how to
effectively comb the brush, woods and trees for any clues.

“I think it [the case] has touched right across Canada,” Mr. Grant said.

It was on Sunday, Oct. 12, that Brandon’s father permanently revoked
his Xbox, angered by changes in his son’s behaviour that came about
since Brandon started playing online. He’d been skipping school,
stealing money and letting his typically exemplary grades fall. Brandon
left home the next day, getting on his bike and riding east along an
old rail line, now a walking trail. He was last seen that evening by a
witness along the trail. He’d left his bike, which had a flat tire, and
was walking eastbound.

There’s been no trace of him since.

“I fully expected him to be home the next day or evening at worse,
with his tail between his legs,” Mr. Crisp said. “It’s a worst
nightmare, obviously.”

“I just took away his identity, so I can understand why he got so
mad and took off. Before, I couldn’t understand why he was taking off
for taking his game away.”

Speaking near the old rail line yesterday, Barrie police Sergeant
Dave Goodbrand said the police search will continue but that
investigators have little to go on other than his Xbox, which is being
searched for anything that might lead to Brandon’s whereabouts.

Items found by the untrained volunteer searchers a few kilometres
away have been turned over to police. Nothing has yet proved to be

“We’re trying to locate Brandon as quick as we can,” Sgt. Goodbrand
said. “I’m a father as well, and this story has touched the nation.
This nation has adopted Brandon as its own…. It’s unique because
Brandon has become kind of the face of everybody who doesn’t want this
to happen to them.”

The volunteer searches were organized by staff at the Barrie
Advance, a local newspaper where Brandon’s mother Angelika Crisp works.
Organizer Charmaine Nolan wanted to give concerned area residents a way
to pitch in. Though the area searched wasn’t where police think Brandon
might be – further east along the trail, and south – it can’t hurt, Ms.
Nolan said.

“The goal was to expand the police search and find Brandon,” she said. “Unfortunately nothing was of any relevance.”

Police cautioned that they’re not involved with the civilian search.
Anything found by civilians may be difficult to admit in a court case,
should it come to that, because no standard procedure was taken in
documenting its discovery, Sgt. Goodbrand said. But the volunteer
searches show how much support is behind the Crisp family, he said.

“How can you knock the public, or not want the public to do anything
they possibly can to help this investigation?” Sgt. Goodbrand said.
“It’s not just a police effort, it’s a community effort.”

One of the last of those search groups to go out yesterday had about
18 people, and focused on Mill Street, some 20 kilometres from
Brandon’s home. Fighting rain, strong wind and cool temperatures, they
were led by Trina Miner, a mother of four who brought her youngest son
David, 15, along for the search.

Another searcher was Doug Burns, 52, an information technology consultant who came from Whitby, Ont., more than an hour away.

“The story just kind of moved me,” he said. “The community just kind of came together up here. I think it’s touched us.”

It’s quite a report. here’s another one, an update on it.

From Monday’s Globe and Mail

As the search for Brandon Crisp intensified over the weekend,
Microsoft Corp. said it would match a $25,000 reward being offered for
information on his whereabouts, bringing it to $50,000.

Police say the 15-year-old vanished after running away from his
parents’ Barrie, Ont., home on Oct. 13. His parents say he left home
after an argument stemming from his obsessive playing of the Xbox video
game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Microsoft – which manufactures the Xbox video game console and runs
the Xbox Live network that Brandon was using to chat with other players
– said it could not comment on its reasons for contributing to the
reward, saying only that the company was working with police and hoping
for Brandon’s swift return.

“Like everyone, we are deeply worried about the disappearance of
Brandon Crisp,” a Microsoft spokesman said in an e-mail to The Globe
and Mail.

“Law enforcement has contacted Microsoft about this matter and we
are co-operating fully with them. We are unable to comment further on
the nature of our co-operation because of the ongoing investigation.”

Brandon’s father, Steve Crisp, cautioned yesterday he doesn’t blame
Microsoft or its Xbox. “I’m not on a witch hunt. I just want my son
back,” he said.

Brandon’s mother Angelika said her son was “obsessed” with Call of Duty,
that it had been “a constant battle for the last two years” and that
she would often hear her son talking to other players over the Xbox
Live network through a headset in the middle of the night.

Over the past few years, there have been several cases where parents
have sued video game companies for consequences arising from obsessive
gaming among children and teens.

Although these lawsuits occur frequently in the United States, they
are usually unsuccessful and the chances of winning a similar lawsuit
in Canada are unlikely, said Chris Bennett, a Vancouver-based lawyer
who runs the Video Games & Interactive Entertainment Law blog.

“If [Brandon] ran away because the parents took away his favourite
bike, I doubt the parents would win in a lawsuit against the bike
manufacturer,” he said. “The same should be true about games, too.”

Mr. Bennett said that parents are ultimately responsible for what
their kids are watching on television and playing on their video game
consoles. Call Of Duty 4 is rated “M” by the Entertainment
Software Rating Board, indicating that it’s not suitable for children
under the age of 17, he added.



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website in 09

Guess what? I’m going to make that last
thing! it’s going to be horrible, but it’ll be real drawings. hey!
anyone from school can finally read my crappy little comics!  Come one,
come probably noone else! HAH! Anyways. the website won’t be up until
2009. Hope to see you then…

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The comic dates

Well, I’m gonna say that the comic dates
will be on friday, every week the pivot episode isn’t being posted.
This friday will be the first, and then every two weeks. Hope you read
it and watch the pivot series. In between every series post, I’m going
to explain what happened to the main character, if say he got kicked
away by a giant guy who stole the statue of the sun that provides the
ultimate power of the ultimate beings who originated the sticks and
have the true power to grant anything that you want if you collect all
the statues of element. Oh wow, that just told you the whole point of
the first episode. The main character is the littlefirst black stick
who was standing there at the beginning. Also, I may be starting one
more sight. Who knows? We’ll see…

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The kid who left out of obsession?

You may look at the title and know what
I’m talking about, you may not, but I was with my dad today. He says
that there is a kid who got an X-box with X-box live. (obviously) He is
an obsessive compulsive kid when he get’s into something that’s
competitive. For example, he was a hockey player, he made A team. He is
a small kid, so he was a goalie. As he got older, he didn’t grow at the
same rate as the other kids, so he got bumped down to the B team. He
got so pissed off at that, that he decided to quit, because he’s a sore
loser. A little while ago, he got an X-box (360? I dunno.) He was
online with it very often, he was skipping school, and not doing the
homework he got. He would come to eat, and then charge back up to his

So to summarize to the point up til now, He is obsessive, and
competitive, so he can’t deal with losing very well. He got an X-box,
and fought people online. He got addicted to it, and was up there all
day, skipping things, losing marks in school. Finally the parents got
sick of him being a brat and skipping things, and took away the X-box.
This kid being insane about it, got so mad that he decided to run away.
He’s been gone for ten days up till now.

That’s what’s been told. There are a few theories of what could have
happened. There’s the fact that he could have just dissapeared, been
killed, mugged, you know. There’s also that he could have gone to a
relatives house, or a friends house, or even a persons house that he
met online. But I have a theory.

You may or may not a gree with me, but here’s a fact.  An Obsessive
gamer usually doesn’t bond except for online. there are places that
gamers can go to sit in corners and play thier games, online, or just
playing alone. They literally live there, and have maps to different
locations of different “game houses.” Supposedly you can’t stay at one
of these game houses for longer than a few weeks. If this kid is at one
of them, noone will know, the police won’t find him. these game houses
aren’t known locations, except in between real gamers that get obsessed
with things, and have “friends” that know the area that it’s in.
Supposedly there are no beds, and no rules. I dunno about eating,
whether it’s provided or not, but they have to eat one way or another…

I just thought I’d bring that up. My point is about obsessions. I
know people have little addictions, wheter it’s skateboarding, biking,
games, books. But I know people who just won’t shut up about it! What
is thier future goingto be like? Will it be about that obsession? or
will they fail in everything because thay have that obsession, then
hate themselves and that obsession for making them fail? It’s an
unanswerable question. That’s all. Signing off.


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Well, about the comics

Okay, I know that noone reads the comic,
and probably not this place either, but to those who do read them, From
now on, they’ll be supersized comics once a week. that’s all. Dunno
which day yet, but I’ll get back to you.

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Pivot attempt

it worked, and this is something that you might have fun with. This is
a small trailer of what’s to come. It moves fast, and there is no music
yet, and we’ll see if there will be. Signing off.


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Poem or monologue?

This is a poem that I wrote for my english
class for a headline poem thing. he said it sounded like a monologue,
so I adjusted it, and gave it back to him. I got a four on the adjusted
one. Tell me, is this a poem, or a monologue?

A few days in the past
I found that I was with my friends
We were walking around quite fast
The sound of our feet going Tp tp tp tp

We were just talking and seeing things around the town
We walked by houses and smelt things like hot pizza, or pies the smell was heavenly
I saw a clothes line with a sweater that obviously been sown
but as my friends slowly split off, it was only me and her

I hated what came next, I hated what she told me
We were just talking about little things but then I got curious about something
Maybe I should have avoided asking, maybe… but she told me… she said “don’t you see?”
It affected me in a way I wouldn’t think was possible… It’s changed my thoughts on life
It gave me a great inner strife

Now I believe that life isn’t about laughing
it’s about finding your point finding your reason
whether it means you want to act, to dance, to be a doctor or sing
I don’t want to be unimportant, and I won’t ever cling.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same
I don’t know if life will ever be a fun game again
Should I or should I not go to blame
the girl who told me the terrible evil words that destroyed my thoughts on life, this  secret?
i wish that day never happened, now it’s just another regret.

Well? comment to me or e-mail me. Signing off.


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Well, it’s been a super duper age since i
posted, and I should tell you that I’m not dead. seemingly the comics
have stopped, and I’m  working on something new now. I’ll raise a new
website for it or change the comic if I get it to work. That’s all for
now. Signing off.


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for more critiquing!!! It’s great doing this. I mean, I get to say how
crappy something is, and then give it a mark from 1-10!!!

Alrighty. It’s time to talk about the
one.. the only… RENT!!! Rent is so amazing. I love it so much. It’s my
second favorite musical currently. It’s a musical about the fact that
everybody A: hates rent, and B: most of the characters have HIV. (Aids.
It’s a horrible disease. it shuts down your immune system and then you
more or less get a whole bunch of diseases that wipe you from the face
of this planet. HA! I mean…) Anyways, It’s also called AIDS. A more
common term with people my age. (It’s actually a sexually transmitted
disease as well. It’s something that happens when you are a lesbion or
gay, usually. It also happens if you share needles, as in blood. I
guess that’s probably just as often or more often even. I think it
might happen more often really. DON’T DO DRUGS, PEOPLE!!! I will kick
your butt…) Anywho, there’re 8 characters, there’s Collins, Angel,
Mimi, Roger, Joanne, Morine,  Mark and finally, Ben. Ben is a jerk who
kicks them all out of their houses. I get mad at him alot. The best
character is Angel. He/She is an amazing friend. It’s so cool. He’s a
transvestite. Transvetiete… whatever… Anywho, he’s more or less the
mediator that keeps everyone friends. When he dies, Everyone is sad. I
cried. (I’m a little sissy) And then all these things happen. They all
hate each other suddenly, and then they all love each other and then
over and over… But then mimi dies and then comes back to life… Alright,
so ranking it… I hate ben. 0.3 points gone. Theres too much aids. I
don’t like that that’s the point of the movie. 0.5 points gone. Drugs.
0.6 point gone 8.6 right now. So, In the beginning it starts off with
them complaining about rent, and it’s a cool song. recover 0.8 points.
(9.4) The movie progresses somewhat slowly… it doesn’t really have the
quick jump after they finish song numero uno. Neggative 1 point. (8.4)
It introduces New characters after the 20 minutes when nothing happens.
Add 0.2 points. (8.6) Joanne is a bit boring, so loss of 0.8 points.
(7.8) Mark and her have a humorous song though… plus 0.4 points. (8.2)
Let’s skip ahead to the introduction of Angel. She has an okay song. no
points gained or lost… She has a cool beat during the song. Near the
end. Angels song is this. I
think because of the drums, it deserves a plus 0.3. (8.5) Now up to the
Introduction of Morine. This is the halfway mark of rent. She does a
quite boring really long “song”. But she does a humorous sucking noise
in it, so she only loses 0.7 points. (7.8) Hmmm. Let’s continue to
angels death. gain of 0.7 points. 8.5. Nothing big happens really as
far as I’m concerned, and the mimi dies. But it’s a corny death. she
coughs. That’s it. It sucks. Loss of 0.5. She Then cheesily comes back
to life.  Loss of a point. But, that point doesn’t go, because in
between what I skipped, theres a few good songs. 1.4 points. hmmm.
Nothing else really. so it’s 8.4 points in total. Well, another good
musical. -) I need to find a bad one. Seriously. I would if I was being paid. Whatever. Signing off.


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Greatest of times

Yo, Isaac here, updating blog at a later
time than I should’ve. I had lots to do this weekend. I had a great
weekend! I went to my dad’s house this weekend, and It was so awesome.
he took me out to a movie, and it was Walle! I love that movie. It’s so
cute. It’s pretty good right up until all the action starts. then it’s
an incredible movie. Right now I’m watching Simpsons. I love how many
twists there are in a single episode, and then everything is back to
normal by the end. (I love twists. they’re so awesome! I love them in
movies, I love them in books. I love them in games and even peoples
looks! Yay, the Grinch!) Anyways, so the movie makes me laugh, and then
it owns. Wait What am I talking about? Oh yes. My weekend.

Well, I hung out with a couple friends, and then, on sunday, I had
My Dramatic arts class! It’s so fun. We did stretching  For an hour and
a half. It was so much fun. and then we did a whole bunch of trust
games. The one I liked the best was when 4 of us sat on chairs, leaned
back, and then toook away the chairs. we had to balance on each other,
and use our totally strong leg power to hold each other(s) up! It was a
whole bunch of counter balance, and non movement. It was totally
awesome. I would talk more, but I haven’t had as much to talk about
lately. Sorry, but now I’m… Signing off.


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New things going on…

Sorry I haven’t updated in an age. it’s
been so busy around the house. I’m either out with friends, or I’m
working! It’s tough being me. I wish I had more time on my hands, but I
don’t, so don’t worry, actually, how long has it been since I updated?
SEPTEMBER NINTH? HOLY! If anybody is pissed, I’m sorry. I wish I had
time, and I’m going to update on my week every saturday or sunday. I
promise, but don’t worry. My comic is still doing daily. So I hope
you’re reading it, (unless you’re old) The website is

So, I’m going to rant about the fact that I owe 105$ to people in
total. I mean, I’m not a rich guy, I work, but It’s a huge amount that
I’m in dept. I’m suprised about the fact that I owe My sister, Beth,
nothing. She’s always being a really good money master, and she’s
always giving people money. I wish I had more. (More, more, more, more,
more, more, more, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme…) I should totally go on
strike. Actually, I like my job. It’s easy, and It’s fun. So screw
ranting, I’m happy. Other than the money I owe… Whatever. Signing off.


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events. It was a long day, and i’m losing my voice. I may not be able
to talk tommorow. If i go mute, i will raise a protest and destroy this
foolish world. Okay okay. just kidding. (or am I??? :-P)

Well, it’s been a little bit since you
heard from me. I have a little bit of chatting to get out of my system.
I’m here posting this, and i can barely talk without a large amount of
pain in my throat. It isn’t pleasent. I’m guessing that it was the fact
that today we had a cyclone social, And after we had done something
with activities and such, (my team won! -)
oh yeah, I also screamed myself hoarse there too. cheering my team on
when noone else did. *koff koff kyleandjeffereyhavenospirit Koff Koff*
) So We had our pizza, and everyone was talking at the top of their
lungs, and obviously I had to too. Me and Rachel, jefferey, alicia, and
racquel all did our little huddles in a corner, talking so we could be
heard, and we have some intense conversations. We talked about all the
mysteries of the world. And after we ate that pizza, we had to watch a
movie, which of course noone watched, but instead everyone talked. Very
loud. Not to mention the fact that I was sitting beside Rachel, the
loudest person in the universe. So, Shes making scary noises, and being
loud as heck, and I have to be even louder, (not easy) than her, and
the rest of the darn auditorium, so I can be heard. I hate her right
now. Even if she is one of my best friends.

Now, to talk about other crap. After that cyclone social, Me and my
friend riley went biking. We had some intense conversations.  My
favorite one was when we were biking back to my house. We judged
females. :J We came up with the top 3 females for multiple categories,
including good looks, smartitude, and all around. It was fun. Riley is
seemingly most likely my funniest friend, and he makes humourous jokes.
on the subject of friends, I got married three times today. Hehehe. I
want to make my own harem. I may want to move to alibama, they aren’t
against harems. Sadly canada has laws against it. :-(. Anywho, I just
thought I should put it out in the open, so can you guess what comes
next? Signing off.


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on School. I got an e-mail from a friend, and he told me to rant about
it. or he hinted at it. either way, I’ll be declaiming about that.

Well, school being up and runningg again,
it is a bit of a worry, especially since this is grade 8 for me, and
I’m trying out for cantebury. I’m only a day into school, and they have
already done a french (kind of) verb test on us! Sadly, I got 12 on 20
and I was one of the higher marks in the class as far as I know. and I
asked at least half the class! I mean, if you’re gonna start school, at
least give a week’s break! we need to get relaxed and slowly come to go
into the school. start slowly, and go more and more. also, we had to do
a whole bunch of questions on a math textbook! What do they think we
are? Adults?  We don’t like to work! We’re a whole bunch of teenagers
hitting or going through friggen puberty! We have enough problems of
our own, than doing the 73000000 pages of work they give us in the
first week! we have our social lives, our home lives, some of us have
jobs!!! Also, in grade eight, they need to pile on more homework. (i’m
protesting to get less work, now more? make up my mind!!!) because in
grade nine, supposedly it’s super hard because they pile on
assignments. Sure, they teach you how to be responsible, but why don’t
they teach us to do the work!!! Thus, in conclusion, I say that this
year shall kill us. Signing off.


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while Since i’ve posted, eh? no worries. all that happened was i had
thirty three heart attacks, but no worries! I’m back, and school is
going again.

Well, I’m sorry for not updating. I have
been with my comic though. It’s now a daily comic. Lot’s of things
going on. I have to be more consistent about the comic. It is a bit
hard, but i’ll keep it up. So, School is going well, I have lots of
friends, but like only two or five of them are male. Isn’t that
humorous? Also, my audition is on friday, and i’m trying as hard as
possible to memorize all my lines of my monologue. I hate that i don’t
have the talent my sisters, naomi and beth have. They’re able to
memoriize things without a second thought. If i could do that, then I
would be the best actor ever. I love acting. I hope that I get in.
nothing else to really talk about… once something comes up, i’ll talk
about it. Signing off.


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Leaving to go…

Well, If you actally are reading this,
(which i think noone is) than you’re thinking that I’ve put too many
posts lately. 700-1000 word posts. lots of words. plus those pictures,
and a picture is worth a thousand words. (so, that’s 700-1000
multiplied by three posts, Plus the three pictures… Screw it. I’m not
working this out.) well, this is my last post for ra (ra is an egyptian
god. actually it’s a typo, it’s supposed to the word a, but rather than
changing it, I am gonna comment on it, and say that the reason I didn’t
change it was because I’m lazy.) Couple days. I’m going camping! So,
don’t worry, i’ll mark rent on monday whenever i get back, and Talk
about the camping trip too. Signing off.


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Critic time! Phantom of the opera… (why is he the phantom of the opera?
why isn’t he the creepy guy who is pure evil (my hero) who lives in a
wierd basement and askes for too much money per month? isn’t the
definition of phantom a ghost? he isn’t a ghost, he’s just a poor
abandoned fool who i think is the greatest saddest person in the face
of the universe. Maybe it’s just a title… Nah. Theres gotta be
a reason.)

Well, time to (critique? Critic? W.E.)
Talk about Phantom of the opera (will be referred to as poto from here
on out.), the potentially most famous musical in all eternity of the
theater. It has been the longest running show on broadway, and too like
it along with those millions (billions?) who enjoy it. It was
incredible. I am quite miffed about the fact that the play actually
made me emotional, and choked up. It was a really good actor who did
the phantom. At the end, when christine left with raoul, he was like
“christine… why, christine…” and he sounded so sad!! But it lost 0.4
points, because as a guy, i’m not allowed to get sad or show any
emotion at all in public. Really, The actors looked stupendous, right
on the dot how I would imagine them. Christine had the beautiful brown
curly hair, and phantom was a fellow who wasn’t super tall dark and
handsome, he was a normal joe. (the movie loses a point because the
actors were too perfect, and the show gets two pints for that.) And
Raoul, he looked like a handsome man, like somebody who could reach the
level of a beautiful female like christine. The actors, like i said
were great, (two more points) especially the phantom, for the phantom
was so sad, and you felt so bad for him when he was sad or mad, and
raoul was truly great because he was romantic, and If I was a young hot
female, I would totally fall for the fool. Stupid Subordinate meatbag
he is, a lovesick person to be exact. (the one sickness a doctor can’t
help you with.)

There was also christine, one of the most beautiful (hot if you
will) person I’ve ever seen. She sang, and it was a whole choir, a
suprano choir. I would so have married her if I were raoul. Also, the
singing was great! (two more points.) The men had deep voices, and the
women could harmonize, and do suprano unlike most now aday musicals,
always using ulto. (1 more point for using suprano.) Also, there were
good special effects. they were the most incredible special effects
I’ve ever seen, like the phantom hiding behind a gargoyle, and it
lowering, and he stands up, and it’s like OMG!!! and the gragoyles eyes
light up, and you are staring in awe! (2 more points for special

Also, there is one more thing. there was no dancing. that was
annoying. at least no dancing that was with the actual songs. you saw
the chorus girls doing a few dances, but no dancing well they sang. (1
point for that.) But the backrounds and such make an incredible effect,
so one more point. Also, there was no humour. Losing a 0.3 points
(would it actually be points? I mean, it’s not even one point, so Can I
say points???) for overly serious. That’s my critic on POTO (critique?)
All in all, it’s an 8.3. That’s a good mark. Almost losing it, but it
made it as good. Not as good as Wicked, not even close. but I’m never
gonna get over 9 points. I’m a critic. I have to point all the bad
things out. So, POTO is a good show, go see it, you will like it, as it
is the most famous in the world.

Tommorow, I’ll be criticising (criticysing? critisyzing?) My own play. The Rope… Signing off


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declaim, harangue, mouth, perorate (all these are synonyms of rant or
rave or perorate…), rave, and/or rant. Todays subject is: I haven’t
decided yet. I’ll start talking and it’ll get there.

Stupid website. all technical with the
date and stuff. But still, that means i can be lazy and stop writing
the dates. If you’re gonna right the dates you stupid website the least
you couldda done is told me! I mean, I’m not observative of notes and
such! I’m a teenager! I filter all the peripheral crap and whatever i
said yesterday. I learned that from zits. The comic. I read seldom few
(is that right? is that good grammar?) comics, but the ones i do read
are Calvin and Hobbes (who doesn’t love those guys?) Zits (big fat
honkin zits!!!) and fox trot. otherwise i haven’t read a comic in
years, other than that one online. Oh! I also read For better or for
worse. and baby blues. So, this website is called funny farm, a
hilarious adventure that as it goes on gets more and more serious, and
yet is still funny! Well, it’s coming to an end, thus the saying all
good things must come to an end, even the ones that are one of the most
famous ones on keenspot! (that’s the host website. Nice place, too many
adds. Also costs money.

Anyways, If a comic or movie is coming to an end, you better wrap
everything up. Don’t leave the person hanging! We don’t want to use our
imagination to see what comes next! SOME OTHER PERSON SHOULD MAKE A
CONTINUATION OF ALL THAT CRAP!!! I bet noone in the whole stupid world
cares as much as i do, (the world isn’t stupid, that’s just what I say.
Actually usually i say crappy, but I’m trying to stop saying that. I
say it so often that people think it’s my word, that it kinda is…
attached to me in some way… I don’t know the word i want, but
whatever.) about the crap that I talk about (there I go, saying crap
again.) I just don’t like how abruptly he’s ending it!he was supposed
to by the end of 2007, but then he kept going, and he’s rushing things
too fast now! He took an extra almost year to do this, (fastest year of
my life) And suddenly he’s making all the characters move on with thier
stupid lives. you’re not supposed to do that! everything is supposed to
go back to the way it all started. For example, every friends episode
by the end of the episode they are all happy and back to normal. Unless
it’s one of the continuation episodes, but… Holy! the end of friends
everyone moved on with thier lives too!!! Dang. I guess everyone else
likes that. The simpsons never change. Homer has lost so many of his
parts. He’s had so much happen to him. it’s crazy! How is he still
alive? Thats what I like about the simpsons. (dang i’m small minded.)
Nothing ever changes, other than those two guys dying in season 5. Dr
Marvin Monroe and Tooth guy. Lisa’s hero. Well, I’m done ranting, only
because I counter acted my rant by talking about friends. Darn show, It
ruined my rant. Rave. Declaim. Hara- Ah, let’s not do that again.
Signing off.


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first critic time! Wicked… (august 28.) (Actually, it’s past midnight
when i’m posting this, so it’s not actually the 28th but lets not get
techniacal, unless it were something like the day before easter or
christmas eve, so today since its not canada day or anything, It’s the
28th still.)

Well, it’s midnight, and i’m happy about
most of the day. it’s quite exciting what i did for the past two and a
half hours. I do believe i told the blog people that I like musicals in
my seussical blog post. Musicals rock, and by the time i stop blogging
i will have posted on every musical i have ever seen. Today will be
wicked, tommorow will be Phantom Of the Opera, and after that rent, and
then west side story, and then guys and dolls.

Now, I went to see this show wicked. it’s the backstory of the
wizard of Oz, a classic tale by: L. Frank Baum and made into a movie by
Arthur Freed (so say my sources, (cough Cough Random site on the web))
I have never actually seen this movie, in my memory span. I do remember
having nightmares about that Buggin witch! I guess that means I have
seen it at least once in my life. Anywho, so it explains the fact that
alphaba (the wicked witch of the west) is not truly evil, just driven
to a point of insanity. She is green because she was a druggie or
something and got molested by elves. It is pretty depressing. Now,
there is a book out, which (witch?) I own (It has green pages! not on
the inside, but like on the bible, except not gold or silver, green!!!)
This book, and it’s an intense book, kinda like lord of the rings in
the fact that it’s the most annoying thing you’ve ever read. Also,
Stephanie Meyers books stink (only in my opinion, so Don’t get me
wrong, it’s just not the kind of writing i like, one of the greatest
plots in the world, ruined by the extremely long boring writing of
stephanie meyer) Oh! I have one more example. Me. I drag on and on, at
least stephanie meyer sticks to one plot, I mean I went from Wicked to
wizard to other crap, to this. Now, where was I? Ah yes, It’s an
intense book because it’s scary how it all develops. In the play
there’s actually humour. It’s way better. I have a few small complaints
about this play, though overall it’s a great play. At the top of the
stage there was a dragon. it had nothing to do with the play, so it
bothered me the whole time, and yet it moved every time that alphaba
attacked with her magic. You think it could have been a creepy witch
that started attacking with extremely cool special effects at the top,
not a dragon, but don’t get me wrong, it was a cool dragon. Anothere
complaint i have is that they used mikes, I mean, isn’t it supposed to
be that you have the ability to project your stupid voice across the
whole darn auditorium? That isn’t how you spell that is it? anyways, it
made me mad that they weren’t doing what all play people do. Also, the
scary giant mechanical head of the wizard was TOO scary!
I was waiting for a powerful voice, not one that made me want to scream
it was so loud. and it wasn’t even a strong voice. Also, I can’t blame
this on the show, my future step dad (my mothers fiance, Congrats BTW)
decided that when it told us how the scarecrow and the tin man were
created he said it was a twist! It was an explanation! a twist was like
at the end when you found out the wizard… oops. almost gave that one
away. It’s a good twist though. You know what else has a good twist?
The wicker man. It’s a horror flick. watch it sometime. Well, tghen
when Iwouldn’t stop trying to fix his opinion, (though i’m starting to
realize why he said it. I hate my totally fair nature, seeing all the
sides, still liking one better than the other, and also being too
stubborn to switch sides) If you want to cast a vote on which it is,
than call 893-555-7105 My mom decided to lecture me when we got home! I
kknow mom may be reading this, so don’t get mad. This is the one place
where i can talk without getting bothered. PLEASE DON’T LECTURE ME ON
THIS!!! anywho, but I’m SO sick of lectures. One problem with the
teenage brain is that we’re loaded with so much peripheral information,
that we filter out anything that doesn’t have to do with one of those
categories, So if your teenager is looking at you, and you’re baking
pizza or something, that probably means you aren’t talking to him but a
minor filtering program well he decides what he wants on that pizza and
what he’s gonna pick off. (take in mind that it could be a she too, so
so you know, I’m not sexist, just lazy. You go, Girls!) But your
teenager will automatically catch a few glimpses of it, just enough of
it so he can summarize the thing when you say “are you listening to me”
he says yes, you say “then what did i say?” we can tell you the basics.
take note of that.  So, All in all, since i could onnly complain about
small things out of a ten, the show Wicked would get an 8.8. (all
stephanie meyer fans, just do you know, I am a guy, so i’m not actually
supposed to like the books. please don’t nuke my city in attempt to
destroy me.) Well, thats about it. Signing off.


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(August 28th) Todays ramble

August 28, 2008

Well, I;m on an anime kick, but only for one show. Last summer, and
for a while before that i had been reading it. I reread it once. well,
my brother gave me the website that i could watch it. It is a high
speed action anime, one of the most famous in the world. the bottom
picture is of the main character, himura kenshing AKA Rurouni Kenshin.
there is also Myojin Yahiko, Kaoru (in the second picture) and Sagara
Sanosuke (in the top). There are more characters, but those are the
main ones. Thier’s Aoshi, Shisio, Saito (a future Main character) It’s
great action, and a drama. I’m watching episode 17. Let me explain the

Yahiko: apprentice of Kaoru, son of a samurai. He is a talented
fighting prodigy. about twelve-14 i would say… He’s funny sometimes.

Himura kenshin is the funniest of them all, with his strange faces.
his saying is ORO in the books. He is the past Battosai. the one who
fought in the revolution in kyoto.

Sanosuke:An extremely tough fist fighter. can take more hits than anyone.

Kaoru: The assistant leader of the kammiya kasshin style, a sword style the very few use after an incedent in the beggining.

Saito: an old opponent of kenshin, uses only a thrust as his attack, smart, also fought in the revolution in kyoto.

This ramble is on how incredible this anime/mangaa is. it’s one that
as all of the aspects, romance, humour, drama, action. If Any book has
that mch, then you can’t say that it is bad in that aspect. it has
incredible characters in it as well, all with an emotional backround
that you respect, and remember. So another thing a book should have is
memorable characters. It also goes through three main stages.. These
three stages are this: the introduction and storyline of the main
characters, the showing of true emotional state of everyone, and the
main action and drama part. the third part is about the end of
everything, everyone leaving, and you find out about the last of
kenshins past.

If every book series was like this, every human in the world would love books. Even those foolish beings my age that hate books.

Now, on that subject, I’m finding my talents and learning about
myself right now.I’ve learned that I love drama, but singing is not
what i like. People say I have a nice voice, but I don’t hear it. It’s
very interesting and hard learning about yourself, and mothers enjoy
drilling lectures into your brain when you decide that you hate
something, and quit. I’m quite sick of lectures right now. but hey, I
live life on.

Well, School is here in 4 days. It will be fun getting back to
school, summer gets boring after a while. Not the activities. The
activities rock, but otherwise, it’s a week of fun, then you’re sick of

Ah well, nothing more to talk about. Don’t forget to visit

Signing off


New comic area.

August 26, 2008

well, Any comic readers, the new webpage will be up soon. It will be called

Hope you go there!

Three rambles (august 26)

August 26, 2008

Well, I’m quite bored. I’m done Vbs. It’s
kind of strange havingnothing to do. I haven’t updated because what is
there to update about? I’m sitting around doing nothing. But now I have
a few rants.

Well,I hate the stupid candidacy thing in the USA! IT’S SO
CONFUSING!!! Why can you vote one party, but have a different party’s
president? I hopw Obama’s party wins. But also, Why do they run every 4
years, and it’s like a two year campaign. So 50% of the time there’s a
candidacy going on.

Also, my brother’s home. it’s good. He’s a good brother. He was home
for a day, and suddenly i owe him 70 dollars. It was very humorous. P
I am sad that his eeepc can’t play with the game called
starcraft. It is a great Strategic game. ben said probably the most
famous game in the world. There are three races. terran protoss and
zerg. The terran are us, the protoss are major powerful killers, and
the zergs are small wmpy fast units. well, anyway, my problem is that
my brother and I can’t play our stupid games together. So, i’ve devised
a plan.I will destroy the little eeepc and make him get a desktop… he
won’t suspect a thing…

also,  I have an announcement. the comics will be hosted on an
alternate blog. the single page isn’t working out. I post a comic, and
you click on it, and it becomes the first comic. it’s strange. for now,
I can’t update. Not to mention that the computer downstairs doesn’t
have internet right now. So, I’ll start working on it right now. well,
signing off


Another Blog! (august 23rd 08)

August 24, 2008

Well, i didn’t blog yesterday, so here’s my update!!! Vbs is over, and i had a blast!

I’m so happy I got to do that… It was fun wirking with the kids and
all. Thing is, alot of them were french. I may not be stright up
french, but I am in immersion, so i was able eto converse with them.
They were nice, though a couple of them pissed me off by telling me
that my  name was pickle van stero. You’re going to laugh at hat,
aren’t you. Well imagine you’re trying to do say… your chores… and your
little brother/sister starts calling you pickle van stero. Would you
enjoy it? well this girl and her friends called me that for a week.
Otherwise it was great. Anyways, This week was good for me, because I
talked french alot. I got so much better at talking french. my seeming
test was today.

I was shopping with my dad. we had been shopping for a half hour. My
shirt had a wolf fon it. This lady walked up to me and said that my
shirt was great with that Loup on it. Loup was french for wolf.I
answered in french since she was obviously french. It was easier than
it used to be.

well, Tommorow with more from me. Signing off…


Today, and yesterday (the 20th and 21st)

August 21, 2008

well, VBS is slowly wrapping up. It was
great yesterday (20th) but today, wow! I’m so tired today! the kids
were so hyper. It was tough… Today i bussed, I didn’t have my bus pass,
but my mom gave me tickets. I’ll be busing tomorrow.

I was on my way this morning, and I was about 50 meters  from the
church, and this guy pulled out of his driveway. It was a mustang,
looked like a 2006 mustang,it was a nice red colour, but the thing
started going forward, and you could have sworn that Rain clouds were
coming together above the ground by three inches! it was disgusting! he
drove off, and then stopped for some reason, and then drove off. I kept
walking, and i could smell something horrible. I looked at the ground,
and I saw that the car was leaking fluid! I’m guessing it was
transmission fluid. but, the place where he stopped there was a mini
puddle conforming, with the four seconds he stopped! I considered
magically making my super hover car appear, then giving him chase, but,
I’m nicer than that. I decided just to imagine the wind throwing his
car in a ditch while he was in his house.

But I must admit, it was one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen! It was the ruby colour
of read the ruby slippers were in the wizard of Oz! Thing is, it wasn’t
sparkly like the slippers, but it was really good looking! If you had a
nice car that leaked transmission fluid, though, would you get rid of

On  the subject of wizard of oz, I wanna talk about my audition. I
have an audition coming up on September 5th. It’s pretty exciting, but
I have to sing a song and do a movement piece as well as a monologue. I
stink at singing, with my voice changing and all, I don’t know what a
movement piece is, but I can do the monologue. It is
a minor problem, so if you know what a movement piece is, please
comment. Also if you have any tips to sing for a changing man voice,
please comment. Anyhow, the thing this has to do with the wizard of Oz,
is that I’m singing if I only had a heart for the audition. It’s a cute
song, that is fairly easy. I hope you wish me luck.

Now, I’m in the mood to do some rambling. I think today I shall ramble about…

Coffee shops

Starbucks really bothers me. they take a few coffee beans and put it
in a blender, add Ice and chocolate syrup (no name chocolate syrup!
They care for us with the rich taste of professional  chocolate!!!) and
blend it! they charge five bucks for a medium, and they’re getting 4.50
profit! It’s no wonder the guy who owns it is rich!!! (MMmmmm grande
mocha frappuchino) Also, second cup does the same thing, but they
actually have a real chocolate syrup company (Nestle! the real stuff!)
and charge the same amount! but they only get 4.00 profit because they
use real chocolate syrup. and real ice. (you don’t wanna know where
Starbucks gets their ice…) And then there is Tim Hortons. (also known
as Timmy’s) a cheap cheap place that makes even more profit, even
though they charge less. But who doesn’t like Timmy’s? If you’re an
American, you haven’t lived until you come to Canada and have a Iced

well, I’m ending it abruptly, but I’m done rambling. I’ve gone on for about 200 words, so, this is Isaac. signing off…



August 19, 2008

I was cleaning my room a bit ago, and I
thought about my friends, especially the organized ones, because i was
cleaning (organizing) my room and I came up with a test!

I thought about the friends that had organized rooms. They also had
organized stuff at school. It seems that those who are spoiled by their
parents don’t eally have good skills at organization! But, I clean my
room myself, but don’t keep it like that. Just like my stuff. I’m
really good at organizing things when i try, because my mom teaches me
to do my room. If my room is clean, than so is my school crap as well,

It’s obvious that when one adjustment happens your brain obviously
adjusts to that and adjusts everything, habit’s and everything.

Whether this is obvious to you or not doesn’t matter to m e. I’ll be
rambling on about my theories on this blog. If you hate that, then I
Then it doesn’t matter to me, although any comments are appreciated.
:D. Hope you like it! Signing off…


Tuesday 19th My day

August 19, 2008

Today was a tough day! Man, today all the
kids at VBS got more relaxed and they were louder and more rowdy! It
was hard to keep them in control! Some things went better today than
yesterday though. Yesterday the sound system wouldn’t work. Today it
worked fine, but I find it humorous, that at half the level of sound
the DVD player is at least twice as loud as the actual band!It’s
annoying, so i always have to be ready to change it, because some songs
are so much louder!

It’s over now, but now i’m listening to a really fun musical! it’s
called Seussical! it’s about all the Dr. Seuss books. There are all the
books pretty much (at least all the ones with main characters) like the
cat in the hat, the one with the general, horton hears a who, hortons
egg… etc. It taught me that Dr. Seuss is actually an incredible writer.
you could make a full adult book out of his materiel! I mean, come on!
Horton hears a who has been turned into a play, and a movie! If you
could do that you could make more than a little book with twenty
million toung twisters. (though if you can memorize a large sum of
them, you could be the greates speech lord in the world, AND
play with your friends minds… I have no example’s unless you say No, i
do not like green eggs in ham, sam I am! I don’t like them with a fox
in a box a train under a plane, over here over there… Green egs and ham
rocks, but they don’t look overly appealing.) Did you know that Dr.
Seuss aids children to read better than any other books for children?
the short basic sentences are very good to your kids, and it helps your
head comprehend confusing sentences like the ones I speak (not the ones
I write. i’m good at writing.)

Still haven’t found my bus pass, I know it’s with my wallet, though
not sure where that is either :J (that is a snicker emoticon) so if you
randomly find it in your house somewhere (even though that’s impossible
other than maybe dad’s house) if you think it might be somewhere why
don’t you tell me?

that’s pretty much my day. check the comic section, there might be
more, if you like intense storylines with video game style action.
(just so you know, they’re hunting a soon to be main character.)

signing off


My summer so far

August 18, 2008

Hello, Isaac talking! Welcome to the blog
where i yadder on about crap that i have done and post web comic! It’s
a wet summer in Ottawa. It probably is everywhere else in Canada too,
except near the south end of it. I’ve done many things this summer!

I did a play called rope, a psychological horror. two college men
kill a man in new york, and to satisfy their Ego they hide him in the
middle of the room in broad daylight. After they do that they have a
party that they had been planning for a few weeks. there are 8
characters or so. Brenda (brandon in the original) the head murderer,
Felice (Philip) the worry wart that is afraid of being caough and
eventually pretty much gives it away to Richard (Rupert) who is my
character. I was Richard, the decisive smart proffesor who has all
these strange twisted theories on murder. I get to say dibochery! (or
however you spell it.) I had 6 large paragraphs. I had only one problem
with my character. I only came in halfway through the play. after that
i talked non-stop, but I wish i was in more… there was also Camilla
(not sure what the real name is) and Mr. Kentler. (Mr. Kentley) they
came in only halfway through the play as well. and then they left
before it was over. I also had a friend from school there. Her
character was Miss. Wilson. She was a good relief character, main
character, but had humorous lines. Also, there were the ex girlfriend
and fiance of the murder victim (david) Kendra (a guy in the movie,
Kenneth, ex fiance of janet) And Janet (Janet :P) they had a great
fight in the middle of it, and are two people who start my character
(Richard) to start wondering where david is.

That’s all about my play, but I also have other things I’ve done. I
turned thirteen at my future stap father’s cottage, it was fun. almost
all my family was there. Everyone except for Lydia. On the subject of
Lydia, and Ben, I have 4 siblings, 6 Step Siblings, a step mom, a
future step dad, and divorced parents, just to get that out into the
open for anyone who isn’t family.

Also, I am helping with a program at my church called VBS Also known
as vacation bible school. I am a christian, and recently my brother
gave me a bible. It’s the nicest Bible I have ever had. It’s a new
living translation. It’s really nice, and it’s Leather bonded!!! so, I
just did the first day at VBS, and I can’t find my Bus pass, just so
you know dad. I’m still looking, and if you find it anywhere, contact
me! More tommorow! Signing off…



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