In Answer…

So from now on, I’m going to have a schedual for what I’m doing each week, all the way to saturday on my announcements page. Check it often!!! Every day I’ll update it. The new announcements will be at the bottom, and any old ones will be either deleted, or if they’re still goin, just at the top.  CHECK THE ANNOUNCEMENTS OFTEN. That’s all. Now, on to the actual post.

In Response to this:

“How’s this for a question:

If adults don’t like swearing, and swear less often than kids, how come kids swear more than adults? Who or what is teaching them this behaviour?”

Um, This is in response to the question. It’s the Teletubbies. That’s what is teaching them this behavior. Them and thier swearing, and meanness!!! I hate those jerks…

Seriously though, if anyone it’s the adults on TV. I know for a fact that people watch 5000 hours or something worth of tv by the time they’re 6. They wasted 208 days of their life already. On TV they make adults much different. They act tougher, they swear more, and they fight more. And sometimes it’s not even just that. Perhaps someone parent actually does swear and act worse, a leader may learn things like that are okay, and then people follow the leaders into it.


People learn these things from the older kids who are in their teenage years, or in grade eight or whatever. And maybe these kids learned it from someone older than them, and those kids did too, and so on. It’s another dominoe effect.

How it all started I’ll never know, but that’s usually how it goes down with the learning this behaviour.

In response to this:

So what would the goal of censoring pornography be? To make women respect themselves? Or is it to teach people (including kids) to respect women more? And what if kids are going to be sexual anyways? Then what does it matter?

Well, I would have to say that it would be both. It would have to teach women and people to respect them. Women are people too. If they ilegalized porn, then kids would have to be firmly punished. A kid who’s under eighteen looking at porn, the police A: probably won’t care that much, and B: If police do care, they can say that thier parents told them to have it opened for when they got back or something. If someone can’t be logical enough to decipher that they should just blame it on thier parents, what kind of people are the people my age? Like??? Cmon! And as for kids being sexual with each other, at least it’s with another human being. If a girl/guy is going to allow their private areas be invaded by someone else, it just means they’re lusting, or want something sexual. That’s not unrespecting themselves. And if the guy/girl who got into thier pants stops respecting him/her, then they’re just stupid. If a girl/guy will trust someone enough to allow them to fool around with them or sleep with them, than they should at least have a fair amount of respect.

Porn is like picture whores. Whores are illegal, so should porn be.

Dunno if that makes sense to you, but anyways..


-The Voice.


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