Black History

Once again, I announce about the fact that this website is pink now. It’s about Valentines day. It’s the next two weeks (until the day after valentines day) theme, and then we may have st patricks day, and then we go back to the other theme. I actually like it!!! I dunno, we may or may not go back to it.

Also, The Darkest Of Times is not up this week. It’ll be up next week. Sorry for this…

New page. Just pictures. That’s it.

Black History… It’s the greatest subject of all. Black people have toiled through so much more than any white people could imagine. They are the most respected people in my eyes. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Barack Obama… They’re all the greatest of heroes. They are the civil rights leaders. They fought for advancement in black peoples rights.

A great quote that Malcolm X said was this, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare it for today.” end quote. If we’re educated on black history, we are learning about the past, and perhaps people like Barack Obama can use what they know of the past as their passport to moving the world to the future. Obama is the greatest thing to happen since… ever. In my whole lifetime, which isn’t very long, nothing has ever happened as important as Obama becoming president. Comment if there actually is something more important. We almost had that in Canada, with the Co-elition government, and I guess the second signing of the confederation was important, but I was just born.

Black history makes every ordeal that I or you (most likely) have had only half as important. If theres anything that you might think is more troubling, hard or annoying, you’re wrong. They were slaves, they were discriminated and they fought. A death, an accident, anything. That’s not half as hard. I grieve for your loss, but I grieve more for them.

There’ll be a lot of talking about that in the next month. That’s a little tell of what’s to come.

Prepare yourself.

(Not) thanks.

-The Valentines Day Voice.


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