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The People

This week is the first of the twists for The Darkest Of Times. Prepare yourself, and go there now!



To continue on from what I said before, about the Voice and all that, I’m going to say in full colour who the people are.

The people, as I said are nearly anyone who is human, anyone who is soeaks, anyone who’s mute, anyone who barks, any animal. Anyone. A person can be an animal too, no matter what someone thinks. They are not the important people, although everything in the end is important. The thing is, it’s those who betray the people who fall out of the rank of people. A traitor to the people is not one of the people. He/she is an enemy to the population or is above the people.

I’m going to use Hitler as my example again, like when I did it way back. 

(Below is a quote from a 2008 post.)

Let’s go into hitlers mind like we did for stephane dion. Hitler=He.

He walks into his house after a long day of work. He kisses hiswife, and is pleased. He then walks into his living room and sees… HisIdiotic jewish Mother in law. She lectures him on everything, and hehates her. “curse that woman” he says under his breath. He goesupstairs, and Watches the news. He sees a little repore on a couplejews who helped build a church. That drives him uncontrollably mad. Hismother in law walks in. She’s wearing that star… That star necklace…Necklace. Jew. Mother in law who won’t get off his back about anything.He Decides that all people who relate to his B***H of a mother in laware evil.

Bout a month later,his wife and he break up. Turns out his mmother in law said that he’s evil… Mother in law… Jew…. He goes insane, starts
a revolution against the jews.

That’s when I used hitler as my example last.. So, anyways, Hitler decided to take an army and go take over the world. He was a traitor to the world, and his people. He was a traitor to his own people because he decided to go on a hopeless crusade anduse his peoples lives to fulfill something that he wanted.

That is an enemy to the people.

But someone who is above the people, is someone who is a true leader who would do something like defend thier country. The people who defended thier countrys and battled hitler to save the civilians. A world leader. I have no idea who the president was at the time, but I do believe Robert Bordon was in prime minister office then. Wait no… that was WWI… He’s a leader nonetheless.

When I say leader, I mean someone who’s actually done something with his life, not just someone who has the qualities of a leader. I know a few people who’re leaders, but they’re probably never going to be a world leader. In fact, I suspect they’ll become either average people, like you or I, or they’ll become homeless jerks, doing drugs.

Or they’ll wind up in the green party.

All green party people are below the people.

In fact, they’re so far below the people, that they can go to hell for all I care. I really hate them… seriously…

But the whole point of this is to say that the people are all important, and not one deserves a terrible fate, not even drug addicts. (Other than green party…) The people are the most important thing in the world, and though not all, not many become amazing, that’s fine. People live life to experience, not to become something. No person isn’t important, whether the smartest, evilest or anything.

I’m not sure if that lead anywhere.


-The Valentines Day Voice.



This Week is the first week of any of the many plot twists in The Darkest Of Times. Check it Out this Thursday. A Story is told, and a new enemy is revealed….

I’m about to complain about stupid things called superstitions. Who would actually believe stupid little thoughts on luck? Luck is a stupid theory come up by some idiot who believes that something can be effected by an outer force other than God. That’s not the point though.

The point is that Superstitions are stupider than even I. That’s pretty stupid. (Ooohh. Self insulting humour.) Why would anyone believe that? Like, it’s all in the mind. Someone did something probably, and then decided that a couple bad things happened because of the fact that they, I don’t know, walked under a ladder?

“Oh no! My wife died! It must be because I walked under a ladder!” Or “Hm. I found fifty dollars on the ground. It must be because I found that cool four leaf clover. It was wierd, so it must be the reason I have fifty dollars.” Or “I left the house for my vacation on friday. That’s why it was bad.” or “I saw a black cat, it crossed my path. I broke my leg later that same day! It must have been the cat.”

I would love to meet those guys, and deck em. It was just chance. Not luck. Chance and coincedence. It’s more coincidential than the fact that I was born the year I was born. A coincedence like when someone says the same thing as someone else at the same time.

That was a short post. AH WELL. I don’t mind people who believe in superstitions because they’re part of the people, but man. I don’t like the superstitions.

That’s it.


-The Valentines Day Voice.


The Voice

People have asked me why I call myself the voice. Some people have e-mailed me, asking “Why do you call yourself ‘The Voice?’ ” I have an answer. I will say what I have e-mailed people back.

I am Isaac. Some people call me the voice, because I named myself that. I call myself the voice because that is what I am. I speak. I speak in plays, I speak in my class. I speak in front of people, and I speak in peoples place. I speak, because I have the confidence to speak. I speak because I have the ability to speak. When I’m with friends, and they have a question, or they wonder something, alot of them aren’t willing to speak thier mind, they aren’t able to say, or ask about what it is they’re thinking of, so I will be thier voice. I speak for them, because they are some of the people. The people are everyone who exists. Every normal person with thier troubles. Everyone who exists is one of the people. You are, I am, your friends are, your parents are, your grandparents are. I speak as a normal person, for the normal people. I speak, for thos e who want me to speak! I speak, because I believe this world could be a great place, if people just spoke.

If people just spoke thier opinion on something, then they would perhaps learn more, understand more and be understood better. I speak my opinion, and I understand more than many of people that I know. I speak my opinion, and I know people better than they would think. If people allowed less fear into thier hearts, they could speak thier mind. When you speak your mind, you have more confidence

But there will always be those who cannot speak thier mind, so I will speak for them. I will speak as.. Thier Voice. I will be, The Voice.

I am Isaac. I am The Voice. I speak as a normal person, for the normal people. I speak, for those who want me to speak. I speak, because I believe this world could be a great place, if people just spoke thier mind, so for those who cannot, I speak for them, because I, am… The Voice.
Right now I’m the valentines day voice, but I don’t say that in a response in the e-mails.

And that’s why I’m called The Voice.


The Voice.


A little while…

It’s been a little while since I posted, hasn’t it. I actually had a couple posts that were supposed to happen friday, saturday and monday, but I dunno what I must’ve done.They didn’t post, and they don’t exist anymore. :S The Valentines Day Voice is confused…


Tomorrow there WILL be a TDOT. No worries. Want an excerpt?

“Ugh..” Scorpion sat up. He looked around. Everything was Black and red. The Red glowed dimly, and seemed to energize him.  Scorpion stood up. “Where am I???” Scorpion walked to the right. He walked into a wall of some sorts. Scorpion turned and walked the way he was originally facing. He walked for a few minutes. Suddenly, a man walked from the shadows. He looked like one of the beings that Scorpion had been fighting against, but he had red spots on him instead. “Who are you?”



The Valentines Day Voice.

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