A little while…

It’s been a little while since I posted, hasn’t it. I actually had a couple posts that were supposed to happen friday, saturday and monday, but I dunno what I must’ve done.They didn’t post, and they don’t exist anymore. :S The Valentines Day Voice is confused…


Tomorrow there WILL be a TDOT. No worries. Want an excerpt?

“Ugh..” Scorpion sat up. He looked around. Everything was Black and red. The Red glowed dimly, and seemed to energize him.  Scorpion stood up. “Where am I???” Scorpion walked to the right. He walked into a wall of some sorts. Scorpion turned and walked the way he was originally facing. He walked for a few minutes. Suddenly, a man walked from the shadows. He looked like one of the beings that Scorpion had been fighting against, but he had red spots on him instead. “Who are you?”



The Valentines Day Voice.


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