This Week is the first week of any of the many plot twists in The Darkest Of Times. Check it Out this Thursday. A Story is told, and a new enemy is revealed….

I’m about to complain about stupid things called superstitions. Who would actually believe stupid little thoughts on luck? Luck is a stupid theory come up by some idiot who believes that something can be effected by an outer force other than God. That’s not the point though.

The point is that Superstitions are stupider than even I. That’s pretty stupid. (Ooohh. Self insulting humour.) Why would anyone believe that? Like, it’s all in the mind. Someone did something probably, and then decided that a couple bad things happened because of the fact that they, I don’t know, walked under a ladder?

“Oh no! My wife died! It must be because I walked under a ladder!” Or “Hm. I found fifty dollars on the ground. It must be because I found that cool four leaf clover. It was wierd, so it must be the reason I have fifty dollars.” Or “I left the house for my vacation on friday. That’s why it was bad.” or “I saw a black cat, it crossed my path. I broke my leg later that same day! It must have been the cat.”

I would love to meet those guys, and deck em. It was just chance. Not luck. Chance and coincedence. It’s more coincidential than the fact that I was born the year I was born. A coincedence like when someone says the same thing as someone else at the same time.

That was a short post. AH WELL. I don’t mind people who believe in superstitions because they’re part of the people, but man. I don’t like the superstitions.

That’s it.


-The Valentines Day Voice.


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