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Todays declaim, harangue, mouth, perorate (all these are synonyms of rant or rave or perorate…), rave, and/or rant. Todays subject is: I haven’t decided yet. I’ll start talking and it’ll get there.

Stupid website. all technical with the date and stuff. But still, that means i can be lazy and stop writing the dates. If you’re gonna right the dates you stupid website the least you couldda done is told me! I mean, I’m not observative of notes and such! I’m a teenager! I filter all the peripheral crap and whatever i said yesterday. I learned that from zits.The comic.

I read few (is that right? is that good grammar?) comics, but the ones i do read are Calvin and Hobbes (who doesn’t love those guys?) Zits (big fat honkin zits!!!) and fox trot. otherwise i haven’t read a comic in years, other than that one online. Oh! I also read For better or for worse. and baby blues. So, this website is called funny farm, a hilarious adventure that as it goes on gets more and more serious, and yet is still funny! Well, it’s coming to an end, thus the saying all good things must come to an end, even the ones that are one of the most famous ones on keenspot! (that’s the host website. Nice place, too many adds. Also costs money. Anyways, If a comic or movie is coming to an end, you better wrap everything up.

Don’t leave the person hanging! We don’t want to use our imagination to see what comes next! SOME OTHER PERSON SHOULD MAKE A CONTINUATION OF ALL THAT CRAP!!! I bet noone in the whole stupid world cares as much as i do, (the world isn’t stupid, that’s just what I say. Actually usually i say crappy, but I’m trying to stop saying that. I say it so often that people think it’s my word, that it kinda is… attached to me in some way… I don’t know the word i want, but whatever.) about the crap that I talk about (there I go, saying crap again.) I just don’t like how abruptly he’s ending it!he was supposed to by the end of 2007, but then he kept going, and he’s rushing things too fast now! He took an extra almost year to do this, (fastest year of my life) And suddenly he’s making all the characters move on with thier stupid lives. you’re not supposed to do that! everything is supposed to go back to the way it all started. For example, every friends episode by the end of the episode they are all happy and back to normal. Unless it’s one of the continuation episodes, but… Holy! the end of friends everyone moved on with thier lives too!!! Dang. I guess everyone else likes that. The simpsons never change. Homer has lost so many of his parts. He’s had so much happen to him. it’s crazy! How is he still alive? Thats what I like about the simpsons. (dang i’m small minded.) Nothing ever changes, other than those two guys dying in season 5. Dr Marvin Monroe and Tooth guy. Lisa’s hero. Well, I’m done ranting, only because I counter acted my rant by talking about friends. Darn show, It ruined my rant. Rave. Declaim. Hara- Ah, let’s not do that again. Signing off. -Isaac


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