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That’s right! My Blog is currently pink. until the day after valentines day, it will be a pink blog. I am also, until valentines day, the valentines day voice. I’m going to hate the next two weeks…

-The Valentines Day Voice.


The WTF Blanket.

This is a real product. People actually buy this crap. Like… What the Fu**? Who would buy this? Like… Logic! C’mon!!!

Morning, honey. Here’s your robe. Hey! You put it on backwards! Wait… I know! I’m gonna make myself rich by turning this into a product!!!


In Answer…

So from now on, I’m going to have a schedual for what I’m doing each week, all the way to saturday on my announcements page. Check it often!!! Every day I’ll update it. The new announcements will be at the bottom, and any old ones will be either deleted, or if they’re still goin, just at the top.  CHECK THE ANNOUNCEMENTS OFTEN. That’s all. Now, on to the actual post.

In Response to this:

“How’s this for a question:

If adults don’t like swearing, and swear less often than kids, how come kids swear more than adults? Who or what is teaching them this behaviour?”

Um, This is in response to the question. It’s the Teletubbies. That’s what is teaching them this behavior. Them and thier swearing, and meanness!!! I hate those jerks…

Seriously though, if anyone it’s the adults on TV. I know for a fact that people watch 5000 hours or something worth of tv by the time they’re 6. They wasted 208 days of their life already. On TV they make adults much different. They act tougher, they swear more, and they fight more. And sometimes it’s not even just that. Perhaps someone parent actually does swear and act worse, a leader may learn things like that are okay, and then people follow the leaders into it.


People learn these things from the older kids who are in their teenage years, or in grade eight or whatever. And maybe these kids learned it from someone older than them, and those kids did too, and so on. It’s another dominoe effect.

How it all started I’ll never know, but that’s usually how it goes down with the learning this behaviour.

In response to this:

So what would the goal of censoring pornography be? To make women respect themselves? Or is it to teach people (including kids) to respect women more? And what if kids are going to be sexual anyways? Then what does it matter?

Well, I would have to say that it would be both. It would have to teach women and people to respect them. Women are people too. If they ilegalized porn, then kids would have to be firmly punished. A kid who’s under eighteen looking at porn, the police A: probably won’t care that much, and B: If police do care, they can say that thier parents told them to have it opened for when they got back or something. If someone can’t be logical enough to decipher that they should just blame it on thier parents, what kind of people are the people my age? Like??? Cmon! And as for kids being sexual with each other, at least it’s with another human being. If a girl/guy is going to allow their private areas be invaded by someone else, it just means they’re lusting, or want something sexual. That’s not unrespecting themselves. And if the guy/girl who got into thier pants stops respecting him/her, then they’re just stupid. If a girl/guy will trust someone enough to allow them to fool around with them or sleep with them, than they should at least have a fair amount of respect.

Porn is like picture whores. Whores are illegal, so should porn be.

Dunno if that makes sense to you, but anyways..


-The Voice.


Adult Rated? (Part Three of Three)

This is part three of the “Adult Rated?” session. It’s once again not going to be a doooooozzzzyyyy. I love the name of this post. It’s better than most others. My sister in fact just walked up, and was like “What are you doin? posting porn? I might hurt you…” And then I told her what I’m actually talking about.

Though porn is the subject of today’s “discussion.” (man! I choose very adult topics!)

It’s going to be short.

So I don’t think that all this swearing and “Sex related” themes should be called only for adults, but pornography? That’s different. That’s erotica, and it shouldn’t even be X rated, that’s too low. It should be… illegal. Like, what self respecting woman would actually decide to strip naked, and pose for a camera. They do know that men that may potentially be petifilles could be doing… things… well looking at them. How freaking creepy is that thought. There could even (though less likely) be strange women looking at them doing… things. . .

See, so kids shouldn’t be looking at that. I agree with those laws. Sadly I know people who do look at that, and they’re in my class.

I’m not defending those jerks. They’re idiots. Up thiers.

I wonder why females would actually pose for pictures of them naked. It’s offensive to women all around them, as well as themselves.

It’s unexplainable to me.

That’s all.


-The Voice.


Adult Rated? (Part Two Of Three)

So this is part two of the Adult rated triple session. Don’t forget to read the first part! (Below) It’s going to be a doozzzyyyy!!! Yeah right. It’s going to me talking for another five hundred or so words.

So I was talking to my siblings (and mother. That’s right. It wasn’t a complete excerpt yesterday. You suck.) in the car on sunday, and we started talking about the <3 Mayhem poets. They do  alot of shows, and they have adult rated shows and children rated shows. In the Adult shows they swear and do higher sex related stuff. Sure, adults do think about that, but I’ll bet you, my age group thinks about sex, and swear many times more than any adult. It’s so freaking annoying when adults assume that because there’s swearing and sex, they should be the only ones to see it. I don’t mean I approve of pornography or X Rated movies, (All that will be covered tomorrow) but If in fact the mayhem poets are going to say “You’re Fucking lame.” “Fuck you” Then I promise you, adults will be more offended that a kid.

In fact, a kid would say “I respect them now! They swear like me!” And an adult would (probably) say “ugh. Swearing. That’s just Vulgar and rude. Why the Heck would they put that in there? In fact, I’m going to EAT THEM~!!!” That last bit might have been me, ad-libbing, but what the hey. See, and then an adult would then be thinking (Not all adults) “I’m so glad there aren’t kids here. It would be bad for them.”

…(I sit here stewing in anger)

Like… WTF??? Like… Like… CMON!!!! WE AREN’T THAT STUPID!!! *slap*. I glare at the human who may or may not have said that.  We say swear words more often then you, you know, woman/man.

And then there’s the parents that try and stop thier kids from learning swear words. GOOD LUCK!!!

Seriously. I’ve heard teachers swear, and if even a teacher will swear, then how will a kid not learn swear words? So many kids swear, it’ll just kinda… happen. Doesn’t even have to be in school. Tv. I’ll bet that the freaking teletubbies swear. “Yo, Tinky Winky, sup, bi**h.”  “Nuthin much, Poe, ya mother Fuc**r.” Like, almost anything you see, anyone you talk to, there’ll be someone who swears. (On the subject of teletubbies, guess what? It’s not on TVO kids anymore! It’s on “Treehouse”! Like… CMON!!!)

So I think that things that are adult rated, should in fact, be more tilted towards teens.

Except for one thing. That’s what to come tomorrow! (It’s not going to be this long, or as long as the other one. It’s going to be a two hundred word post or so.) No excerpt today.


-The Voice.


Adult rated? (Part One Of Three)

 Alright, it’s been a while since we had a real Discussion (discussion? I rant, alone, and you read. Is that a discussion? NO!!) on something, so here we are! What could I be talking about this time? read on to find out!!! Recently we’ve been looking at all sorts of things for subjects, about kids and adults and the presidential election (Yay obama!) and as always, trashing the green party, but today we’ll be doing something new. No, not really. This is the same as everything else I’ve been talking about, but hey. Whatever. We like these incredibly compelling (Wow. I’m the funniest man in the world, aren’t I? I’m never going to get a job, am I? Ah well. May the monkey dance. Is that getting old yet? Probably was old right away. I wonder how long I could just sit here, doing this bracket stuff. I’ve been doing it for over five months now, and it’s probably never going to stop. If you hate it, halt reading. If you comment on things, saying you hate it, I WILL EAT YOU. If you comment on it saying it’s good, I’ll give you a cookie! MMMM. Cookies! I like (some) cookies. I just did a double bracket. Is that allowed? A bracket in a bracket. maybe I should have done a partial quotation mark. You know? ‘Insert Text’ You see? maybe even normal quotation marks would have worked. Did you know I’ve written 232 word till the 232? now It’s 235. Now it’s 238. Now it’s… 241. I carried on this one, eh?) Subjects that I choose. With the daily posts (oops. I’ve been forgetting that haven’t I?) I’m not able to find enough subjects now. But finally I can talk about this. Want me to get on with the subject yet? (Don’t make me eat you.)

I complain alot Whether in my blog or not about the fact that some adults think they’re superior to people my age. That’s What todays Part of this three part subject will be.

Some adults believe that kids in thier teen years aren’t really… How do I word this? We aren’t even people. That’s what they act like. I’ll bet you that alot of teenagers know alot more than any teacher will. Ever. It’s true. Some teachers are genuinely (Stupid spell check doesn’t work.) smart (alot of them, actually. I’ll mention my english teacher (WILL NOT BE NAMED) my french teacher, my science teacher… Others haven’t really taught me anything academic. They’ve taught me gym, or music, so I can’t judge them.) but some of them are just plain reading off the book, aren’t good teachers at all and can’t keep a conversation going. Nice people, just a bit dense (Unlike me! Of course, anyone campared to me looks like an idiot..). I promise you that (although there are alot of teenagers who are stupid as well. Like… massive amounts.)

You won’t hear me do this often, but I’m about to defend teenagers! Adults don’t think we’re human, they consider us sub-human (hehehe) because of what most teenagers are smart in. We (I’m smart in it, and everything else!!! Except for maybe understanding a few unanswerable questions in life.) are smarter in electronical stuff because of how we grew up. Old people… I mean… Adults… grew up without four T.V.’s (exaggeratttionnnn) in each room. They went outside. I go outside with my friends, but I only go outside to get places, or to go to another place to go inside it. It’s all because of our atmosphere. It’s always about atmosphere.

Plus I also blame it on the media. The media has perverted the way we’re supposed to see everything. Old people.. (I need to stop doing that, don’t I??) Adults.. Didn’t have quite the influence from the media to have sex, be terrible, lose weight and be little brats. We do? have you ever watched three quarters of the T.V shows out there? And I almost quote… “Let’s go on our first date!” After a nice dinner they walked home together, and shared thier first kiss. Suddenly they were making out. “Wanna have sex?” “Yep.” “Yay” They woke up beside each other the next morning, smiled, and kissed. “Well, I got you to sleep with me. I’m dumpin you.” THE END… And that’s every stupid show for you. They’re mostly all the same. You see? So it’s not just how stupid we are. It’s all the atmosphere’s fault. So What the point of all this is, Alot of adults believe they’re superior to us, and it’s not totally our fault. (not mine, at all. Actually, thinking about it, I make the world more egotistical. In fact, I am the primary source of this world’s ego factor…)

Which leads up to tomorrows part. Want an Excerpt?

I was talking to my siblings in the car on sunday, and we started talking about the <3 Mayhem poets. They do  alot of shows, and they have adult rated shows and children rated shows. In the Adult shows they swear and do higher sex related stuff. Sure, adults do think about that, but I’ll bet you, my age group thinks about sex, and swear many times more than any adult. It’s so…

Part Two! Here tomorrow, nine O’Clock.


-The Voice.


The Forty Five (whatever. It’s the U.S. Get a life. I’m Canadian, and ignorant about our southern neighbors.) Presidents

Ooohhh.. Presidents of the U.S. Morphing into each other!


-The Voice.

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